DROPS TODAY: Introducing Coquette, Our Newest Tile



A Real Heartbreaker

Introducing Coquette, our new tile collection.

Bring an air of romance to any space — your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or office — with our new cement tile collection, developed as an abstraction of the quintessential Rococo motif: the shell. Offered in three decorative formats, each variation is available in five colorways, which pair and combine in a repeating composition expressed in vibrant color.



Make It Your Own

With three unique tiles (Fringe, Frame and Field) the Coquette collection offers endless customization options. Use all three in combination, or repeat just one, to set the stage on your own installation.


A Few Words From Our Founder

“Coquette is based on the work of great set designers of the Italian Rococo, known for their ephemeral works of architecture,” says Avery Thatcher. “The scalloped motif emulates the illusion of the theatrical experience: where art sets the stage for beauty in the built environment.”

“Much like the scenographic theater stages of the Italian Rococo,” says Thatcher, “this collection was predicated in the process of deep abstraction to create a more pared-down, simplified collection of evocative contemporary flooring, cladding, and partitions.”


Product Details: 

Pigmented cement tile

Suitable for floor or wall applications

Rated for residential or commercial installations

Handcrafted in Mexico

Sold by the box, 12 tiles per box



February 20, 2024

JUST LANDED: Get to know Baptiste, Thatcher’s Latest Wallcovering



Introducing Baptiste, our newest wallcovering we would describe as Venetian plaster meets campy 80s decorative wall painting. (Think of Post-Modern homes with the DIY sponge paint, but better, and paired with very expressive texture.)




We made the perfect wallcovering for all those upcoming winter parties and occasions you’ve planned to invite people to yours. 

Because when the weather gets cold, you want to invite your loved ones inside to the more intimate spaces of your home: the kitchen, dining room, living room, office den, and maybe even the bedroom. 




Adorn your space in rich color with Baptiste, our newest wallcovering. Combining a variety of references including the distinctly texturized Venetian Plaster of vernacular Post-Modern interiors and rad 80s decorative painting, Baptiste was conceived as a set of patterned configurations to construct dream-like interior atmospheres.

“Baptise is an expression of balanced forms, highly textured patterns, a subtle color palette, and a restrained playful elegance,” says founder and creator Avery Thatcher.

Organic geometry and abstract volumes give shape to a painterly composition with a complex motif. The wallcovering is crafted using textured molds, which emulate the character of handmade Venetian plasterwork in a unique two-tone texture.



Don’t go far, our new tile collection: Coquette is launching soon. 

February 06, 2024

Autumn Splendor with Thatcher Wallpaper 🍂



Explore cozy textures and warm hues from Thatcher.



Our wallpapers boast a rich palette of colors and designs suited to the season. With deep burgundies, moody charcoals, rich forest greens, and our signature metallic gold accents, our wallpapers bring the autumnal charm into your living spaces.



Leeway tile in Warm Mélange transforms your bathroom floor into a kaleidoscope of rusty reds, soft lavenders and brilliant ambers.



Bring in the elegance of the autumn woods and old growth pine with Goldendale in Gold on White.



Waiting for a deal? With Black Friday just around the corner, we're preparing for our biggest sale of the year! Stay tuned for unbeatable deals and discounts on wallpaper, tile and fabric, making it easier than ever to refresh your home this fall.


November 20, 2023

NEW IN: Meet Leeway, Our Newest Tile



Meet Leeway, our newest tile. 




Bring color to your kitchen, bathroom, office, or any room with our new vibrant tile. Available in two color groups — Warm Mélange and Cool Mélange — each eight-inch square tile generates prismatic variations, adding a colorful foreground to enliven every space.



Pigmented cement tile

Suitable for floor or wall applications

Rated for residential or commercial installations

Handcrafted in Mexico

Sold by the box, 12 tiles per box



A study in poured colored cement, Leeway reflects Avery Thatcher’s fascination with transforming organic shapes into spontaneous motifs by idiosyncratic applications of hue. Unlike the traditional method of encaustic tile making, where cement is poured into a metal mold to create a uniform pattern, Leeway is made by free-form improvisation of pouring a set number of colors directly onto the cement tile base. Aptly dubbed “Leeway,” the patterned tiles are indicative of their namesake, described as




Expanding upon Thatcher’s ability to reimagine traditional making methods, Leeway is predicated on an intuitive and experimental approach to color and pattern making. Two color groups — Warm Mélange and Cool Mélange — generate prismatic variations in each eight-inch square tile. Through its randomized placement of colors to form a motif, Leeway provokes a close inquiry into color and pattern. 





Words with our founder, Avery Thatcher:

Tell us about Leeway. 

“It has been a dream come true to ideate, develop, and design Leeway with a team of artisans in Mexico.”

What was the process like?

“We began with illustrations of what I hoped the finished tiles would look like to achieve a consensus on the desired outcome and overall concept.”

How did that work?

“I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the finished tiles were more beautiful than my drawings! When considering the spatial limitations, I can appreciate all the variations of organic shapes I didn’t know were possible. The creativity of the craftspersons truly brings this design to life.” 

What did you have in mind when you designed Leeway?

“Leeway is designed for risk-takers, those who aren’t afraid to break the grid, so to speak. Since each tile is a work of art in its own right, it requires the end user to have faith in spontaneity.”

What makes Leeway different from the other tiles made by Thatcher? 

“The beauty of this collection lies in its ability to create completely unique compositions in every application. No tile will look like another, so it is a prerequisite to trust the process of improvised design.”


October 03, 2023

Embrace the Last Days of Summer with Thatcher Tile


As another summer fades, we reflect on the unforgettable moments it brought. While we may not be able to stop time, we can offer a long lasting way to bring the warmth and color of the summer season inside.




Let our tile bring the magic of summer into your home throughout the year with rich color and soft texture. Our cement tiles are hand poured, making each tile a work of art and craftsmanship.




As you soak in the final rays of sunshine, we invite you to explore our full selection of tile all of which are available in custom colorways to suit your space. Find inspiration from our 64 pigment options and design your perfect tile today.




September 13, 2023

NEW from Thatcher: Linen Fabrics



We are thrilled to announce the latest product offering from Thatcher, 100% flax heavyweight linen. Not just another fabric line; it is a celebration of sustainability, craftsmanship, and the fusion of art and design.




Our first fabric line is available in two cult favorite Thatcher patterns: Le Freak and Natural Gifts. We have offered our clients coordinating fabrics alongside our wallcoverings as a custom option for years. Now it’s easier than ever to bring your favorite pattern off the walls and into your space with upholstery, drapery, or one-of-a-kind throw pillows.




The 100% flax linen that we use for our new fabric line is sourced from a Belgian Climate Neutral Certified company, using sustainable, hand made techniques dating back to the nineteenth century. Since Thatcher is also Climate Neutral Certified, both sides of the supply chain have pre-paid to offset all of the emissions created during the production, transportation, printing, and distribution of the fabric in the US and beyond. This was an important consideration in our ongoing efforts to promote sustainable practices in all of our products.




Our line is not just about the fabric; it's about the art that breathes life into each design. Before becoming textiles, our designs start as hand paintings, infused with personality.

Drop us a line at sales@thatcherstudio.com with any questions or to order your linen sample today!

August 08, 2023

Cool Summer Stripes from Thatcher


Interior Design by Lexie Saine Design, Photography by Jean Bai Photo



Capture the essence of summer with our variation on the classic stripe. Infused with bold colors, playful patterns, and a touch of nostalgia, these wallpapers bring joy and warmth to any space. Whether you're redecorating your home, revamping your office, or curating the perfect commercial space, our classic stripes are designed to leave a lasting impression.



Interior Design by Grassroots Design, Photography by JVL Photography


These vibrant palettes celebrate the lively spirit of summer through vivid color. Our dynamic take on a plaid design, Natural Gifts, evokes memories of childhood picnics and beach days...



...while our Waving tile adds a soft, fluid movement across any surface. Let our wallpaper and tile transform your space into a refreshing oasis.


Waving - White - Cafe - Cement Tile


Or, make waves with Flood, our bigger than life non repeating mural. Awash with the refreshing hues of the sea, Flood will add a sense of joy and summer bliss to any space. Embrace the sweet side of this wallpaper and let it bring a burst of color and playfulness to your home or office.



With a breadth of pattern options, from wide and prominent strokes to delicate waves, we've got a stripe to match the energy of the carefree days of summer. Whether you prefer a classic timeless look or a bold and contemporary statement, or wallpapers inspire creativity and make your vision a reality. Email us at sales@thatcherstudio.com to get started.

July 19, 2023

Flood Wins 2023 NYCxDESIGN Award for Best Wall Covering!!!


We are thrilled to announce that our newest offering, Flood, was awarded with the prestigious 2023 NYCxDESIGN Award for Best Wallcovering. A huge thank you to Interior Design, Cindy Allen, the judges, and Lladro for our gorgeous trophy. We are honored to be included among such accomplished company. See the full list of winners here.

Our clients take our designs and breathe life into them - we want to share this award with each of you.

We would also like to to extend our gratitude to everyone who supported us, visited our ICFF booth in person, or cheered us on from afar.

Flood is a non repeating mural printed on PVC free material, and is appropriate for residential or commercial use. Available in three colorways, order your sample and transform your space today. Email us at sales@thatcherstudio.com to get started.
June 15, 2023

Meet Our Newest Wallcovering, Flood






Spring has sprung!

Celebrate the new season with our newest wallcovering, Flood.



Spring calls for a fresh look. Make a statement with a new look for your walls.

Elevate your everyday spaces with colorful wallcoverings available in three vibrant shades — to fit in your home, your office, and your life.



Flood is a painterly, translucent plane that transforms the view of a wall into a delightful diffusion of vibrant colors. Alternating hand-poured lines emerge vertically from a crisp surface, creating an eye-catching effect as colors shift under different lights throughout the day.

Loosely inspired by abstract expressionist painter Morris Louis, Flood is a study of the significance of color and form. Available in three colorways — Prism, Deep Ocean, and Sands — Flood emulates Louis’s three major series of paintings between 1958 and 1962 — the Veils, Unfurleds, and Stripes — an astoundingly coherent sequence of innovations in abstraction.

“It is said that Leonardo da Vinci recommended artists stare at stains on the wall to formulate ideas for making art,” says the company’s founder, Avery Thatcher. “I think Louis set out to make ‘stains’ himself and present them as his own art. With this in mind, I made this wallcovering, so it had precisely the look of having been found or made organically.”

Louis’ technique of soaking the canvas with paint, rather than painting onto its surface, allows the paint and the canvas to become one. Inspired by this important stylistic development, Avery Thatcher removed the emphasis on the artist’s hand and gesture to create pieces of deliberate fluid painting on wallpaper. With this technique, the focus is shifted solely to color and form.




The new product features the same innovative, intricate technologies the Portland, Oregon-based practice has developed to further the company’s dedication to environmentally conscious design principles and carbon-neutral products. Flood is the newest addition in the Climate Neutral Certified portfolio and offers the “best minimum” — minimal use of resources, minimalistic aesthetic, maximal versatility, and the least amount of impact on the natural environment possible. This new wallcovering is just a small part of the design studio’s commitment to accelerating positive change and responsible business conduct, while continuing to push the boundaries of high-quality wallcoverings through design and innovation.

[Read more about our dedication to climate neutrality here]


May 16, 2023

Thatcher is Climate Neutral Certified

We are so proud to announce we are officially Climate Neutral Certified, for the second year in a row. We have spent months working with Climate Neutral to measure our annual carbon footprint. We calculated all of the emissions that it takes to make and ship our products to your doorstep, and compensated all 469 tonnes of carbon by investing in climate change solutions. 
April 26, 2023

20 Transformative Tips to Make Your Home Feel More Elegant - Redfin

La strada, elegant wallpaper in metallic gold on white by Thatcher Studio in a modern dining room


We were asked by our friends over at Redfin on our best, most practical tips for creating an elegant home. Click through to find out our answer! (Hint: it's wallpaper!)

Bringing in a sense of elegance into your home can be a difficult task. From curating the perfect design to adding personalized touches, there are plenty of details to take into consideration to achieve the high-end look you’ve always dreamed of. While it may seem out of reach, there are many simple ways to bring in sophistication that will transform your space. To help you get started, Redfin reached out to design experts from across the country, from Bridgeport, CT to Anaheim, CA, including us, to give you our best tips for creating an elegant home. From simple suggestions like adding a candle to home improvement projects like installing a bar, check out 20 Transformative Tips to Make Your Home Feel More Elegant.

One thing we always recommend is to order a sample of any wallpaper you're considering. Avery Thatcher, founder of Thatcher, says, “Something that looked amazing online might look cheap or plastic-like in real life. A high-quality wallpaper will have an appealing and luxurious texture and feel.” 

The addition of elegant wallpaper to just one wall can have a huge impact in a room, giving your space that luxury feel without breaking the bank. We have a wide selection of hand printed metallic golds, shimmering silvers or dramatic gunmetal on soft matte, clay coated paper - perfect for any project that needs that extra touch of sophistication. 

April 19, 2023

Meet Our New Wallpapers: Agolise and Brute

Elevate your space and your mood with two new wallcovering designs.
Offering more colors and elegant patterns than ever before — including multi-faceted foreground and background colorways — Agolise and Brute are the wall-flattering foundations of a well-designed (and well-defined) space.


How can a pattern represent the shape of water? Both metaphorically and literally? After observing water in various natural and man-made settings — in a glass, on the ocean’s horizon, flowing down a water slide, and so on — Thatcher’s founder, Avery, created a series of illustrations depicting water in motion. Defining the movement of the substance with deconstructed shapes, the pattern is loosely outlined by its whimsical shapes and forms. Like a cubist painting, this wallpaper pattern emulates how one sees water by abandoning the tradition of perspective drawing and displaying many views of the subject at once—that is, the many shapes water takes. 



Aptly dubbed, Brute is a wallpaper inspired by the spirited lines of calligraphy and delicate brush strokes of watercolor illustrations. In this treatment of motif-making, representation acts as a self-referential art, concerned with the nature of representation itself or trompe l’oeil (French for “deceive the eye”). Intended to beguile the viewer with perceptual and psychological patterns, the compositions complicate definitions of truth and fiction as we know them — at least in two-dimensional representation. Brute takes on many qualities seen as distinct traits of trompe l’oeil specialists over the centuries: the emphatically flat picture plane; the invasion of the “real” world into the pictorial one; and the mimicry of materials. 


March 07, 2023