SOFT AND CLEAN: Lighter Looks from Juju Papers



Mixed Signals in White Sage makes a statement in this delicate, matte hue.
Known for adventurous prints and dramatic metallic, Juju Papers also offers a softer side to those looking for that unforgettable look in a subtle color palette. Mixed Signals in White Sage is the perfect balance between positive and negative space, in this new, low contrast colorway. The creamy blend of blues and greens is just the right pairing for anyone searching for a little serenity, and a little adventure, in their everyday.
Looking for other options in fresh, light colorways? We offer a variety of designs in our Champagne, an effervescent tint with a touch of our signature metallic:
Or one of our newest offerings, Taupe, a geometric landscape in this classic neutral with our Goldendale design:
And our classic Le Freak in Champagne on Cream:
See for yourself and order a sample today! Send us an email with any questions at We can't wait to get help you get started on your next project.
March 22, 2021

Juju Papers Presents: Waving Cement Tile

Juju Papers is proud to introduce Waving: Hand poured cement square tiles with undulating lines that create an optical illusion.
Made one at a time in Mexico, Waving’s stripes suggest perceptible motion, depending on the way they are laid out. When placed in directional stripe formation, the tiles billows like rippling curtains or fabric, or rising and falling surf. Arranged in alternating directions in checkerboard fashion, the pattern offers a three dimensional basket weave dancing on the tile surface.
The pigmented concrete 8" square tiles are offered in three colorways:

White on Café


Blush Terra Cotta


Blue White


Contact us at with any questions, we would love to help you with any project, big or small.
December 07, 2020

Black Friday Sale

Our biggest sale of the year, 30% off all wallpaper and tile orders*

Starting Friday, 11/27 - Monday, 11/30, shop our entire collection of handprinted wallpaper and cement tiles. Use the offer code HOLIDISCO at checkout to receive your discount.
If you've had a project in mind, this is the time to order your Juju Papers and bring something special into your home.
Please note that not all of our wallpapers are currently in stock, as our inventory changes daily. Email us at for an up to date lead time for the wallpaper or tile you are interested in.
*We will not be offering any price adjustments to previously purchased wallpapers. This sale can not be combined with any other discounts or offers, including trade discounts. This sale does not apply to any custom, special order, or commercial grade wallpaper or tiles.  
Our staff is on hand to answer any questions. In stock orders placed during the holiday weekend will be shipped the following week.
Happy Holidays from all of us at Juju HQ!


November 26, 2020

Juju Papers Presents: Goldendale

Juju Papers presents: Goldendale, the newest offering of geometric, organic and luxurious wallpaper, made from local forest wood rubbings rendered in opulent metallics.
Goldendale is inspired by place - in this case, a unique part of Washington state's Columbia River Basin where the forest meets the grasslands. It is a flat, windy landscape until it meets the scrubby forest. The design evokes that meeting of natural worlds, represented by the juxtaposition of order (geometry) and asymmetry (wood texture). Printed with wood rubbings from fallen Ponderosa pine and western white oak, found along the banks of the river.
Rendered in glossy metallics and flat taupe, Goldendale is offered in four colorways:
Gold on Charcoal
Gold on White
Gunmetal on White
Taupe on White

Contact us at with any questions or to order a sample of Goldendale today.
November 09, 2020

Mixed Signals, Now Offered in Favorite Gold on Charcoal

We are bringing our classic colorway to a whole new level of bold, modern glamour with Mixed Signals in gold and charcoal. 
Looking to make a statement? Mixed Signals blazons Escheresque silhouettes of shimmering gold, counterbalanced by a soft matte charcoal finish. This positive and negative design is all about balance, each shape playfully flowing together to create a look that will elevate your space. 
Order a sample today and send us an email with any questions at We can't wait to help you get started on your next project.
October 04, 2020

Openwork, Selected 2020's Best Residential Wallpaper by NYCxDesign and Interior Design!

Juju Papers is honored to announce that our recently debuted series, OPENWORK, was awarded Best Residential Wallcovering by Interior Design Magazine and NYCxDesign!
While we missed the festivities of ICFF and NYC Design Week this year, it was fun to virtually experience the NYCxDesign Awards ceremony in a safe environment while watching Cindy highlight all of the amazing projects, products, and designers. 
Thank you to Interior Design, ICFF, NYCXDesign, Cindy Allen for hosting, and to all the incredible designers that were honored this year. We miss you all and can't wait to celebrate next year!
July 02, 2020



Juju Papers is excited to introduce our newest collection of wallpaper, Openwork, now available for pre-order.

Openwork projects idiosyncratic glamour onto a grid form with the use of shimmering inks and painterly brushstrokes. Tempered by a simple matrix, the new series sets balance and visual order against meandering boundaries.




Positive and negative shapes carefully cut from graph paper in a flowing, balanced geometric design.



Hand-guided, imperfectly framed grid in brilliant semi-opaque hues.



Exuberant dime-sized dots arranged in matrix. Luxe metallic inks create an ornate, polished finish.


Interested in seeing some samples of Openwork or questions about pre-order and lead times? Email and we can help.

May 18, 2020

Let Us Help You Update Your Room With 20% Off Wallpaper and Tile


Dreaming of wallpapering your room, but have no idea where to begin? Our sales team is ready to help with every step of the way: ordering samples, helping you measure and determine your roll count, and helping you find an installer or do it yourself. We make it easy.


During May, we are offering 20% off of our entire catalog of residential wallpaper and tile.* Use code MAYHAY at checkout. 

We currently have a large selection of in-stock wallpaper and are able to safely pack and ship within a week. Out of stock products are also on sale, but may have a lead time.* 
Email to get started today. If you are ready for wallpaper or tile, we are ready to set you up!
*We are not offering price adjustments for previous sales. This sale can not be combined with any other discounts or offers, including trade discounts. This sale does not apply to any custom, commercial, or special order wallpaper or tile.  Out of stock wallpapers will have a lead time - please inquire for an up to date lead time for the wallpaper you are interested in! 


May 06, 2020

Color Me Happy with Juju Tile, 25% OFF


Fruit Salad_Model_copy 2

Now, more than ever, we are bringing our attention to making 'home' that special and safe place for our families. If you've been thinking of adding some much needed color to your space, we are excited to share that we are able to take orders and safely ship our in-stock Fruit Salad and Trapeze cement tiles.
We would like to extend 25% off on any tile order through May 6th, using offer code COLORMEHAPPY.

Juju Papers Trapeze_3 Colorways-01

Take advantage of this discount and know that you are helping a small business navigate this uncertain time, regardless of when you get around to installing it. We really, truly appreciate every single order and the support that we have received from our design community.

juju-papers-fruit-salad-black-cement-hex-tile-environment 2

If you are interested in a home project, let us help! Reach out to us any time with questions, email us at We are here to help (and would love to chat).


Avery and the Juju Team

*We are not offering price adjustments for previous sales. This sale can not be combined with any other discounts or offers, including trade discounts. This sale does not apply to any custom, special order, or wallpaper. 
April 15, 2020

Powder Rooms with Pop and Fizz

We are often asked if our wallpaper can be installed in powder rooms and bathrooms. The answer is a resounding yes! Our wallpapers are durable, wipeable, and moisture resistant: perfect for any bathroom or powder room.
Powder rooms with Juju wallpapers provide the perfect element of surprise, boldness, and color for you and your guests. Plus, small rooms and walls require only a few rolls of wallpaper. It is the perfect opportunity to take a risk! 
Read on for a few examples of how wallpaper can transform a usually tight and utilitarian space into one of your favorite rooms in the house!
 Photos by Mikola Accuardi
Mikola's bathroom with Sisters of the Sun in gold on cream is just perfection. Do you notice how it extends onto the ceiling?? If you've never thought to wallpaper a ceiling, we are here to tell you the results are incredible!
Photo from Maison Trouvaille 
Designed by Maison Trouvaille, this dramatic and moody bathroom features Pascal in gold on charcoal, adding geometry with a soft gold finish, a perfect balance.
Photo by Nicole Franzen
We love the subtle, playful movement of Pavlova in diamonds and pearls on cream for this child's bathroom from Branca & Co in NYC, adding just the right amount of vintage charm and whimsy. 
Are you looking for a powder room that pops and fizzes? Want to get the most bang for your buck on the square footage of wallpaper? We have you covered! We can answer any questions or concerns you have about installing wallpaper in powder rooms - just send us an email at and we will get you started! 
April 15, 2020

Happy New Year from Juju Papers!

As we transition into the new year, we are reflecting on 2019 and have an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all the amazing people and clients we've had the fortune to meet. To everyone that has supported, shared, liked, and installed Juju Papers in their projects, we are sending out a huge THANK YOU to each and everyone of you. We love being a part of your home, office, and community spaces and can't wait to start making 2020 just as amazing. 
One of the last project reveals of 2019 was a favorite and a highlight of our year. Ethel's Club is an innovative and stunning community work space in Brooklyn,  and interior designer Shannon Maldonado of Yowie chose La Strada in gunmetal on cream to feature in one of the spaces' common rooms. We love this project so much and feel so honored to have a little part in it. Read all about Ethel's Club over on Architectural Digest and Vice.
On top of all the incredible projects in 2019, we were honored to be selected for some top design awards. Allow us to brag a little bit. ; ) FLUX was selected as best wallcovering by both the esteemed judges of the Architizer A+ Awards and the NYCXDesign Awards, sponsored by Interior Design We also also took away the trophy for best tile flooring in Interior Design's Best of Year Awards, and received a Great Design Award from Architectural Digest for our Trapeze tile. 
So cheers to a new year and all the wonderful things to come! Stay tuned, it's going to be a good one. 
xoxo, Juju Papers
January 21, 2020


M A K E   I N S P I R E D   D E S I G N   Y O U R   N E W   Y E A R ' S   R E S O L U T I O N !


Make 2020 a year to remember and give yourself something you've always wanted - an elevated interior space with a pop of Juju Papers wallpaper or tile! Take pride in your space for years to come by investing in hand-crafted American designs from an award winning, woman-owned company.  
To give thanks to our valued clients and customers, residential wallpaper and tile orders submitted this Black Friday through Cyber Monday will receive a 30% discount at checkout with the code BLACKLIGHT. This sale only comes once a year, so mark your calendars. *Please see details and exclusions below.


Because this online sale will only last four days, email us today at for help determining how much paper your project requires, and whether the materials are in stock. Whether this is your first time selecting wallpaper or your twentieth, we are available to help every step of the way.


*Please note that many, but not all of our wallpapers, are currently in stock. Out of stock wallpapers can have up to an 8 week lead time. Tiles will have a 4-12 week lead time, depending on quantity. Email us at for an up to date lead time for the wallpaper or tile you are interested in.
*We are not offering price adjustments for previous sales. This sale can not be combined with any other discounts or offers, including trade discounts. This sale does not apply to any custom, special order, or commercial grade wallpaper or tiles.
November 27, 2019