Introducing Baptiste, our newest wallcovering we would describe as Venetian plaster meets campy 80s decorative wall painting. (Think of Post-Modern homes with the DIY sponge paint, but better, and paired with very expressive texture.)




We made the perfect wallcovering for all those upcoming winter parties and occasions you’ve planned to invite people to yours. 

Because when the weather gets cold, you want to invite your loved ones inside to the more intimate spaces of your home: the kitchen, dining room, living room, office den, and maybe even the bedroom. 




Adorn your space in rich color with Baptiste, our newest wallcovering. Combining a variety of references including the distinctly texturized Venetian Plaster of vernacular Post-Modern interiors and rad 80s decorative painting, Baptiste was conceived as a set of patterned configurations to construct dream-like interior atmospheres.

“Baptise is an expression of balanced forms, highly textured patterns, a subtle color palette, and a restrained playful elegance,” says founder and creator Avery Thatcher.

Organic geometry and abstract volumes give shape to a painterly composition with a complex motif. The wallcovering is crafted using textured molds, which emulate the character of handmade Venetian plasterwork in a unique two-tone texture.



Don’t go far, our new tile collection: Coquette is launching soon. 

February 06, 2024 — Lindsay Kretchun