A Real Heartbreaker

Introducing Coquette, our new tile collection.

Bring an air of romance to any space — your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or office — with our new cement tile collection, developed as an abstraction of the quintessential Rococo motif: the shell. Offered in three decorative formats, each variation is available in five colorways, which pair and combine in a repeating composition expressed in vibrant color.



Make It Your Own

With three unique tiles (Fringe, Frame and Field) the Coquette collection offers endless customization options. Use all three in combination, or repeat just one, to set the stage on your own installation.


A Few Words From Our Founder

“Coquette is based on the work of great set designers of the Italian Rococo, known for their ephemeral works of architecture,” says Avery Thatcher. “The scalloped motif emulates the illusion of the theatrical experience: where art sets the stage for beauty in the built environment.”

“Much like the scenographic theater stages of the Italian Rococo,” says Thatcher, “this collection was predicated in the process of deep abstraction to create a more pared-down, simplified collection of evocative contemporary flooring, cladding, and partitions.”


Product Details: 

Pigmented cement tile

Suitable for floor or wall applications

Rated for residential or commercial installations

Handcrafted in Mexico

Sold by the box, 12 tiles per box



February 20, 2024 — Lindsay Kretchun