Hello, we’re Thatcher.

We’ve been up to a lot since our last update. With a new brand name, we’ve joined Juju Papers and Avery Thatcher Tile into one cohesive whole. Our design studio will continue to produce beautiful surfaces, coverings, and homewares with the same attention to detail and dedication to craftsmanship.

Here at Thatcher, sustainability continues to be fundamental to good design. That’s why we’re now a climate-neutral company. We partnered with Climate Neutral to offset 100% of our carbon emissions—from pre-production to fabrication to shipping until it gets to you. We believe responsible material sourcing and ethical manufacturing form a key chapter in any product’s story. Our efforts are focused on where we can make the biggest impact for our business and the planet.

Check out our new website and read more about what we’re doing for the Earth.



This month we launched a wallcovering made from kaleidoscopic film. Originally designed for fishing lures, Mother is made from iridescent layers of foil that resemble mother of pearl—a material with a holographic finish capable of conjuring a spectrum of color. The resulting effect is a Chiaroscuro-like interplay of light and shadow that changes throughout the day.



Meet our founder, Avery Thatcher.

Juju Papers began when Avery started making hand-printed wallpapers out of a small Portland, Oregon studio in 2010. She quickly expanded into making tiles, with a focus on sustainability. Today, she designs beautiful coverings, surfaces, and homewares at Thatcher that celebrate the built environment and pioneer sustainable practices, focusing on progress each step of the way.


May 04, 2022 — Lindsay Kretchun