Spring has sprung!

Celebrate the new season with our newest wallcovering, Flood.



Spring calls for a fresh look. Make a statement with a new look for your walls.

Elevate your everyday spaces with colorful wallcoverings available in three vibrant shades — to fit in your home, your office, and your life.



Flood is a painterly, translucent plane that transforms the view of a wall into a delightful diffusion of vibrant colors. Alternating hand-poured lines emerge vertically from a crisp surface, creating an eye-catching effect as colors shift under different lights throughout the day.

Loosely inspired by abstract expressionist painter Morris Louis, Flood is a study of the significance of color and form. Available in three colorways — Prism, Deep Ocean, and Sands — Flood emulates Louis’s three major series of paintings between 1958 and 1962 — the Veils, Unfurleds, and Stripes — an astoundingly coherent sequence of innovations in abstraction.

“It is said that Leonardo da Vinci recommended artists stare at stains on the wall to formulate ideas for making art,” says the company’s founder, Avery Thatcher. “I think Louis set out to make ‘stains’ himself and present them as his own art. With this in mind, I made this wallcovering, so it had precisely the look of having been found or made organically.”

Louis’ technique of soaking the canvas with paint, rather than painting onto its surface, allows the paint and the canvas to become one. Inspired by this important stylistic development, Avery Thatcher removed the emphasis on the artist’s hand and gesture to create pieces of deliberate fluid painting on wallpaper. With this technique, the focus is shifted solely to color and form.




The new product features the same innovative, intricate technologies the Portland, Oregon-based practice has developed to further the company’s dedication to environmentally conscious design principles and carbon-neutral products. Flood is the newest addition in the Climate Neutral Certified portfolio and offers the “best minimum” — minimal use of resources, minimalistic aesthetic, maximal versatility, and the least amount of impact on the natural environment possible. This new wallcovering is just a small part of the design studio’s commitment to accelerating positive change and responsible business conduct, while continuing to push the boundaries of high-quality wallcoverings through design and innovation.

[Read more about our dedication to climate neutrality here]


May 16, 2023 — Lindsay Kretchun