Silhouettes - Celeste on Cream - Residential Coated Wallpaper

$ 230.00

Sample: 8.5" x 11"

Single Roll: 27" W x 15' L

Double Roll: 27" W x 30' L

Residential wallpaper dimensions


Pattern Repeat: 36" half drop repeat

Lead Time: 1-12 weeks

Material: Clay coated paper

Fire Rating: Class A

Sustainability: Climate neutral recyclable

Printing Method: Hand screen printed

Spec Sheet: Download here



The large-scale collage of sponge paintings and marks made from gel is arranged in a loose scatter that can simultaneously read mid-century and punk. Three colorways: gold on charcoal, celeste [blue] on cream, champagne on cream.


Shadows tell just part of the story. They withhold some too. The discipline of architecture that studies the shadows cast by or upon buildings is called sciography. Lawrence Weiner's PLACED UPON THE HORIZON (CASTING SHADOWS), 1990, is one of my favorite pieces of public art. I remember seeing it, (caught unawares), and being confused and amazed by the building and the words. Thought: there must be bigger, secret worlds beyond me, or maybe there are bigger secret worlds for me.