What Is Wipeable Coated Paper?

Our residential grade wallpaper is printed on what is called a coated paper. This is a paper pulp paper, which is made of all USA-sourced, sustainably-harvested paper pulp (trees). This pulp paper is formed into very long sheets and rolled into spools. One side of the paper is then coated with a clay-based, wipeable coating, which is tinted to match our Thatcher palette. The coated paper is then printed with water-based inks using a screen printing method. The printed and finished residential grade coated papers are considered wipeable, not scrubbable. What this means is that one must exercise care when cleaning the wallpaper, so as not to stain or burnish the beautiful matte surface.

This style of wallpaper is very common in residential settings, and is a very high-quality wallpaper. Most non-vinyl residential wallpapers are considered wipeable, not scrubbable.

It is considered Class A interior wall and ceiling finish category, ASTM E84.


Care and Cleaning of Wipeable Coated Paper


Can I Use a Residential Grade Wallpaper in a Commercial Project?

It depends. Our residential coated papers are fire rated for a commercial setting, Class A interior wall and ceiling finish category, ASTM E84. However, they are wipeable, not scrubbable, so harsh detergents can not be used, and it may not be scrubbed or scoured without a risk of damage.

Our residential-grade coated papers are commonly specified in commercial applications such as offices, hotel rooms, and wall areas above wainscoting. However, they are used commercially at the specifier’s risk.


Looking for Vinyl, Type II Commercial Grade Wallpaper, or Something More Durable than a Residential Grade Coated Wallpaper?

For customers who are looking for a more heavy duty or scrubbable wallpaper, we offer a variety of alternatives to our coated paper.


Residential Vinyl Wallcoverings

This is a lightweight residential grade vinyl with a gorgeous matte paper-like finish. It is scrubbable, and available to be printed with only an 8 roll minimum and a small upcharge. Email us at sales@thatcherstudio.com for more information.


Commercial Grade Wallcoverings

We offer a variety of heavy duty, Type II commercial grade options to suit any project! Email us at sales@thatcherstudio.com for more information.