Dusk - Gold on Cream - Residential Wallpaper

$ 300.00

Sample: 8.5" x 11"

Single Roll: 27" W x 15' L

Double Roll: 27" W x 30' L

Residential wallpaper dimensions


Pattern Repeat: 36" half drop repeat


Lead Time: 1-12 weeks

Material: Clay coated paper

Fire Rating: Class A

Sustainability: Climate neutral and recyclable

Printing Method: Hand screen printed

Spec Sheet: Download here



Minutely-scaled squares and rectangles imprecisely scattered like sparkling stars or glitter in a rock quarry.



Do you drive much at night these days? Like, long drives. Alone. Can't remember the last time. But yhea. Road trips alone. No phone, worst car, maps for god's sake! You know that heavy emotional feeling that you can get from the lines and repetition and the things whizzing past? And the weird radio. At night. I do. It's like you're in touch with some other thing. Yhea. But what is that thing? Do you think it's a part of you that you become more aware of, or is it some other outside thing that's all around you . . . all the time . . . that you are sort of tapping into . . . And death. There's definitely a death vibe. Know what else is crazy? Dusk. Dusk!