Agolise - Storm on White - Residential Wallpaper

$ 250.00

Sample: 8.5" x 11"

Single Roll: 27" W x 15' L

Double Roll: 27" W x 30' L

Residential wallpaper dimensions


Pattern Repeat: 36" half drop repeat

Lead Time: 1-12 weeks

Material: Clay coated paper

Fire Rating: Class A

Sustainability: Climate neutral and recyclable

Printing Method: Digital

Spec Sheet: Download here



How can a pattern represent the shape of water? Both metaphorically and literally? After observing water in various natural and man-made settings — in a glass, on the ocean’s horizon, flowing down a water slide, and so on — Thatcher’s founder, Avery, created a series of illustrations depicting water in motion. Defining the movement of the substance with deconstructed shapes, the pattern is loosely outlined by its whimsical shapes and forms. Like a cubist painting, this wallpaper pattern emulates how one sees water by abandoning the tradition of perspective drawing and displaying many views of the subject at once—that is, the many shapes water takes.

Colors: Storm on White


The queen of air, calculating an eclipse, measuring shadows. Dusty, dry, stone pillars lean into sunset. Then, dew.