Brute - Fir on White - Residential Wallpaper

$ 250.00

Sample: 8.5" x 11"

Single Roll: 27" W x 15' L

Double Roll: 27" W x 30' L

Residential wallpaper dimensions


Pattern Repeat: 36" half drop repeat

Lead Time: 1-12 weeks

Material: Clay coated paper

Fire Rating: Class A

Sustainability: Climate neutral and recyclable

Printing Method: Digital

Spec Sheet: Download here



Aptly dubbed, Brute is a wallpaper inspired by the spirited lines of calligraphy and delicate brush strokes of watercolor illustrations. In this treatment of motif-making, representation acts as a self-referential art, concerned with the nature of representation itself or trompe l’oeil (French for “deceive the eye”). Intended to beguile the viewer with perceptual and psychological patterns, the compositions complicate definitions of truth and fiction as we know them — at least in two-dimensional representation. Brute takes on many qualities seen as distinct traits of trompe l’oeil specialists over the centuries: the emphatically flat picture plane; the invasion of the “real” world into the pictorial one; and the mimicry of materials.



Seeking: daydream believer. A dull thud, like a dropped watermelon. Substantial, sturdy, on the cool grass. A graceless landing.