Baptiste - Lombard Blues - Residential Wallpaper

$ 600.00

Sample: 8.5" x 11"

Single Roll: 27" W x 15' L

Double Roll: 27" W x 30' L

Residential wallpaper dimensions


Pattern Repeat: 36" half drop repeat


Lead Time: 1-12 weeks

Material: Clay coated paper

Fire Rating: Class A

Sustainability: Climate neutral and recyclable

Printing Method: Digital

Spec Sheet: Download here



Organic geometry and abstract volumes give shape to a painterly composition with a complex motif. Inspired by original abstract paintings made by founder and creator Avery Thatcher, Baptiste was conceived as a set of patterned configurations to construct fluid settings, which create metaphysical dream-like interior atmospheres. The wallcovering was crafted using textured molds, which emulate the character of handmade Venetian plaster work in a unique two-tone texture.
With a metallic finish, Baptiste is expressed as a fabric of textured motifs with an iridescent sheen, combining tactile and chiaroscuro effects where the figure becomes ground when illuminated by light.



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