Genevieve Gorder said some of the nicest things about Juju that you could ever imagine someone saying about your company in an interview on Grace Bonney's excellent podcast, After the Jump, which you can stream through Heritage Radio Network on download on iTunes. This was originally aired in October 2014. If you don't have the time to listen through the whole interview, the part where Gen and Grace talk about Juju is at the end. At the end of the interview, Grace asked Gen some sweeping questions. Here is a summation - warning, gratuitous bragging alert! GB "Who do you hope really makes it big this year that you're really behind? What do you really love?" GG: "Hmmmm. . . Juju Papers!" GB: "Avery is awesome!" ( I warned you. Gratuitous.) GG: "Juju makes these incredible wallpapers, which I littered in my home, any wall that I could, I had her patterns."  "She really embraces pause, negative space", and she does it so effortlessly . . . I'm obsessed!" I can't think of two women who I would rather have in my corner - inspirational, intelligent, insightful. Shredders. Thanks, ladies! XO   10676329_10154672647715111_890492981458800345_n
November 11, 2014 — 2