It's hard to imagine someone like Joy Cho taking advice from the likes of me. ; ) However, she contacted me recently and said that she wanted to ask some of her favorite designers about some of the lessons that they have learned as a small business owners over the years. I had plenty to share, as my lessons have been many. However, one of the most important lessons that I have learned as an artist, a designer, and in business is that making things happen in business and in art/design in a meaningful way is hard. It's not easy for anyone, if even they make it look easy. “The saying, 'the darkest hour is just before dawn' is often the case in my creative and professional life. There's always a slog in everything worth doing. POWER THROUGH THE SLOG!" Every time you are pursuing something that is important to you, you usually have to pass through a window that is really difficult and filled with self-doubt, and everything seems impossible, unachievable, and ugly. But here's the thing - everyone is going through this, all of the time. It's important to be the type of person who recognizes this and just lets it pass over them, instead of thinking that they aren't cut out for the work that they are doing. It sounds cliche', but it's true! Either way, it feels great to be acknowledged by Oh Joy! as one of her favorite makers. Also included in this lineup were Coral & Stone, Walnut Animal Society, and Kindah Khalidy. They also had advice to share in the post you can read here.  I would also like to add that Joy said that she selected us because we were, "a few of my favorite makers right now whose work I personally love wearing or having in my home." I can say that it is true - that Joy is an actual, real customer who does seem to love and appreciate our work here at Juju. Thanks, Joy! You are a gem. XO   Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 2.47.37 PM Oh Joy/Juju Paper Oh Joy/Juju Papers  
May 05, 2015 — 2