We were flattered to be included among this "fresh crop (of) local talent" in Metropolis' October 2014 print edition titled "NEW TALENT".  From the article: "Gone are the days when designers struggled to find producers to manufacture their wares. Relying on solid hands-on skills and the e-commerce market, a young design studio can now strike out on its own. These six American entrepreneurs have done just that, offering handcrafted products and custom services to designers and consumers all over the country. Think of them as your local, go-to design talent." Also included in this rock-steady crew were my old pals Graypants from Seattle, Brooklyn's Workstead, Detroit's Color & Mirror, Minneapolis' Hennepin Made, and Minden, Nevada's WFour Design. Thanks to Metropolis for including us! MetropolisArticleJuju      
October 28, 2014 — 2