Juju_Papers_Katie_SeamanPhoto via Katie Seaman showing a detail of her dressed to impress powder room in Juju Papers Sisters of the Sun in gold on navy.

We've noticed a recent trend among some of our favorite interior designers and stylists - namely, adding the pow! to powder rooms with Juju Papers. We can't think of a better way to make a fashionable and lasting impression in spaces that, in all reality, tend to be small and utilitarian. To celebrate those who went that extra step to break the mold and up the wow factor by adding some uniquely elegant color and pattern via Juju Papers, we're highlighting some of our favorite powder rooms with POW! Juju_Papers_Space_Design_1 Martie Kilmer of Space Design lightened and brightened her powder room using Juju Papers A View of the Woods in white and mink on cream. Why we love it: Martie's modern powder room feels bright and open despite it's small size. By using A View of the Woods in a light palette Martie amped up the wow factor by adding pattern that doesn't overwhelm the space. Juju_Papers_Bannister_Homes_2Juju_Papers_Bannister_Homes_1 Bannister Custom Homes used Juju Papers Sisters of the Sun in gold on charcoal to add dazzle to their space. Why we love it: A little drama goes a long way and we love that Bannister Custom Homes wasn't afraid to go the extra mile in their striking space. To counter the cold feeling that comes with a powder room's hard fixtures, Sisters of the Sun lives up to it's name by adding warmth along with visual interest that holds it's own without overshadowing with those gorgeous fixtures. JuJu_Papers_Kaminsky_Pew_1 Speaking of drama, Alexis Pew of Kaminski + Pew did not hold back in making this powder room one to remember. Why we love it: With lots of natural light offered by the skylight and white ceiling, Juju Papers Sisters of the Sun in gunmetal on charcoal really amps up the richness of the space and creates a beautiful backdrop that allows those chic mod fixtures to really pop. This is a powder room made for selfies!

What do you think? Have you added Juju Papers to your powder room? Send us pics, we'd love to see!

Now that you're inspired, shop Juju Papers and add some POW to your next project.

November 19, 2015 — 2