Ever wondered what to do with your left over Juju Papers? Or perhaps you're a renter and your landlord isn't down with your papering a room but you just have to have some Juju in your space? Well we've got some ideas for using your excess paper to add a fun + graphic pop to your space. We love this DIY tutorial from the inspiring  Deuce Cities Henhouse blog which takes you step-by-step through papering dresser drawers.  

peekabooPhoto via Deuce Cities Henhouse

They used our Sisters of the Sun paper for this fun project

Other ideas include:
  • Papering the back of a bookcase. Remove the shelves, lay the book case flat, paper the back, and re-insert the shelves after the paper dries.
  • Paper the interiors of your drawers. You can use the same directions from Deuce Cities but paper the interior of the drawers instead of the sides. This is especially great for antique drawers that might be in rough shape - after all, you don't want to snag your sweaters!
  • Paper the interior panel of a closet door for a spot of cheer when picking out your clothes for the day.
  • Use paper to cover the matting in a framed picture. I've done this one, it's easy and adds a great graphic punch to your picture. Use the same paper in multiple frames to add cohesion to your pics or use a few different papers to really make your pictures pop!

7d29264fae38fb9a861791074355d2f0Add interest to a small detail - Seen here, Juju Papers Salad Days

Knack-Hero-29Photo by Aaron Greene

Another example of dressing up a dresser from Knackstudio's Barb Blair - Seen here, Juju Papers A View of the Woods


Have you used your excess Juju Papers in a fun way?

Send us your pics, we'd love to see!

October 23, 2015 — 2