YES was designed in collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Larry Yes, and is intended for residential, hospitality, workplace, especially ideal for wellness and public spaces. Larry Yes and Thatcher's founder Avery Thatcher's collaboration aims to convey messages of cosmic acceptance, optimism, hope, and love.

Thatcher notes, “My six-year-old son said of Larry’s work, ‘His message is love,’ and it’s true. It evokes an emotional response of hope and acceptance. It’s been a difficult few years for many, and it seems like the right time to release this collaboration meant to bring optimism and joy to those who choose to welcome it into their installations.”

Yes explains, "The conceptual basis of my work is messages of love designed to spotlight our interconnectedness. All humans are family, born from the same elements, and love is our shared home. Colors, shapes, words, and melodies help point the way to that home. Intentional, positive art for the people is needed now more than ever. My work aims to create a pure moment of joy and connection for each viewer."


About Larry Yes

Artist/songwriter/musician, Larry Yes' work focuses on positivity, humor and heartfelt emotion. His social engagement projects include Free Art in The Park in Portland, a Pioneer Courthouse Square public party/art therapy session in collaboration with the Portland Museum of Modern Art, and Positive Words; a community-sourced installation of uplifting language. In his nearly 30 year musical career, he has toured Europe and performed with Elliot Smith, Michael Hurley, and Sunny and the Sunsets. He describes his current musical style as positive cosmic folk. A native Oregonian, he lives in Portland. Larry Yes also played Asteroids with Sun Ra when he was 8, and won.