When calculating how much wallpaper to order, it is standard to order slightly more than is exactly needed for the installation. This is referred to as “overage”. It is recommended that one extra roll is ordered for orders under 8 rolls, and two rolls are ordered for orders over 8 rolls.

This is common throughout the construction industry. The idea is this: if any of the materials are damaged, miscut, or mismeasured during installation, that there will be at least 1-2 extra pieces of material on hand in order to complete the project.

If there is only the exact amount of materials on hand for a project, this creates a stressful environment for everyone. If for any reason the project runs short on materials, more materials will need to be re-ordered. There is no guarantee that there will be more materials available in the particular design, colorway, and dye lot that your project requires. Therefore, it can cause serious delays, schedule conflicts, unforseen expenses, rush fees, and overall bummer vibes.

We suggest that our customers avoid this by ordering the standard overage that is recommended.

If you are working with an installer, they have likely already worked standard overage into your roll count. If you are doing your roll count yourself, please feel free to email us at sales@thatcherstudio.com to make sure that you have ordered enough overage wallpaper for your project.


Attic Stock

Unused wallpaper is not eligible for return. If you have any wallpaper leftover from your project, we strongly recommend that you keep this as “attic stock”. Attic stock is wallpaper which is stored away after the installation in case any of the wallpaper is damaged in the future.

By storing attic stock, it is guaranteed that there is always a roll of the same color and dye lot available should a wall become damaged, or a stained panel require replacement.

Some customers order both overage and attic stock in order to play it safe.