Residential Grade Coated Paper Rolls

Sample: 8.5" x 11"
Single Roll: 27" wide x 15' long
Double Roll: 27" wide x 30' long


Thatcher wallpapers are provided untrimmed. Untrimmed, our wallpaper width is 30 inches. Once trimmed, our wallpaper width is 27 inches. 

When you unroll the 30 inch wide roll of wallpaper, you will see that there is a blank area on the left and right sides of the wallpaper. This is called the selvage edge, and it is approximately 1.5 inches on each side. This will be trimmed off during the installing the wallpaper. Your selvage edges are clearly marked with “trim join” marks.


A single roll of Thatcher is 27 inches wide by 15 feet long.  A double roll is 27 inches wide by 30 feet long. We package and ship the wallpaper in 30 foot continuous double rolls whenever possible, because a continuous 30 foot roll of wallpaper covers more than two single 15 foot rolls of wallpaper. 

We offer single rolls for situations where a full double roll of 30 feet more than is needed. Many choose to order one single 15 ft roll as attic stock or overage.

We can print quadruple, up to octuple, rolls upon request. 


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