Sustainable Practices

Thatcher takes great care to create beautifully crafted products intended for longevity and to be produced with as light an impact on the environment as possible.


Residential Wallpaper

Our residential wallpaper is printed by hand with water based inks on durable, sustainably harvested paper. Our papers are manufactured in the USA with responsibly-sourced fiber (all USA sourced fiber), and all suppliers adhere to one of the globally recognized forestry or chain of custody programs. 

Our paper supplier is both an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company, has been designated by the epa as a national performance track company, and creates approximately 50% of its electricity by low-impact hydroelectric generators. 100% of the mill’s short paper fiber is reclaimed and used in the agricultural industry for nutrient rich compost or animal bedding.

Our residential wallpaper is also curbside recyclable, providing customers with an easy, sustainable way to dispose of excess paper trimmed during installation. When disposing of previously installed wallpaper, the material is recyclable once stripped.

Commercial Wallcovering

Our commercial wallcoverings offer a longer active use than residential papers. Their increased durability and scrubbability minimizes wear and reduces waste associated with frequent replacements in high traffic areas.

While PVC vinyl has dominated the commercial wallcovering market for decades, we are now offering PVC free alternatives to our traditional commercial wallpapers. These alternatives achieve the same durability and print quality, without the use of plastics. 

In cases where a PVC alternative cannot be specified for a project, our Mylar or Vinyl wallcoverings still contribute to LEED v4. Our Mylar wallcoverings incorporate 6% post-consumer recycled polyester and cellulose. 50% of the Mylar backing fiber content is post-consumer. Our Vinyl wallcoverings incorporate 11% post-consumer recycled polyester and cellulose. 100% of the Vinyl backing fiber content is post-consumer.



Our cement tiles are handmade using naturally occurring minerals. They are not fired, and are cured using recycled water. Most are made to order and shipped in bulk palettes to minimize shipping related emissions.



The 100% flax linen that we use for our new fabric line is sourced from a Belgian Climate Neutral Certified company, using sustainable, hand made techniques dating back to the 19th century that result in unparalleled quality. Since Thatcher is also Climate Neutral Certified, both sides of the supply chain have pre-paid to offset all of the emissions to make, transport, print, and distribute this fabric in the US and beyond. 

Becoming Climate Neutral Certified

Starting in 2022, we furthered our commitment to sustainability by partnering with the Change Climate Project to measure our carbon emissions. Alongside 350+ other brands, we measure all of our yearly carbon emissions, evaluate areas for reduction, and invest in climate solution projects to contribute towards the global net zero. 

100% of the emissions created during the production, operations and shipping of our products are taken into account when investing in projects. In order to reduce future emissions, we are also working to eliminate single use plastic from our consumer packaging and to create a shipping system that is 100% curbside recyclable. 

We encourage you to look for the Climate Neutral Certification on other products and join us in supporting brands working for a more sustainable future.