Take the width of your wall in inches and divide by 24, round up to nearest whole number. THIS IS THE MINIMUM NUMBER OF ROLLS YOU SHOULD ORDER. We recommend ordering at least one extra roll for overage*.

NOTE: Our removable wallpaper is sold in 10.67 foot rolls. This is perfect for one drop (length) of wallpaper with an 8-9' wall height. If you have ceilings taller than 9' please contact sales@thatcherstudio.com to order an extra long roll.

*Overage: Since our removable wallpapers are printed to order, there can be slight variations between batches. To ensure you will have enough for your project and “attic stock” in case you need to replace a drop in the future, we recommend overage (extra) of one to two rolls. Overage is not returnable - save it for attic stock if not used. 

As always, we are happy to help double check your estimate, just email sales@thatcherstudio.com and we will get back to you quickly!