Examination of the tile prior to installing or cutting is the buyer's responsibility. Because each tile is handmade, you can expect variations in thickness, color, and slight variations in pattern. You can also expect irregular edges, occasional chipped edges, and cracked or crazed surfaces. These qualities are a part of the handmade cement tiles and are not considered defects. Cement tiles are known for their nuance and irregularities - that is part of the handmade charm. The colors shown on our website, and even in physical samples that you may have received are approximations of what you can expect in your tile order.

If your project requires exact color matches, either to what you have seen in our photos or in your sample tile, then cement tile is not recommended for your project, since nuanced, slightly varying color is expected in this product. 2-3% breakage is considered normal. Dust and residue upon the tile should be cleaned from the tiles prior to installation and is not considered a flaw. Upon the tile’s arrival, inspect the tile. You have 72 hours to report any issues with your order. Any of the above variations in the product are not considered flaws and are not subject to claim. By installing, cutting, or otherwise working with the tile, the buyer or installer has agreed to accept the tile, and no claims may be made. Please note that we will exchange but not refund any tile that is deemed unfit for use.