Thatcher are printed by hand using a screen printing method.

  • We mix pigments into water-based ink and test for consistency.  
  • We roll sustainably harvested, coated paper onto a 120 foot long table, line up the paper on both sides of the table, and staple down the edges to keep the paper securely in place.
  • We use precision machined metal registration pegs to ensure that we print a perfectly plumb, level, straight line down the center of the paper.
  • Two printmakers stand on either side of the table and together place the screen into registration pegs at the designated start point at the top of the table.
  • Tinted screen printing ink is poured into the well of the screen.
  • Both printers pull-down on a squeegee to apply even pressure, and the ink pattern is transferred from the screen onto the wallpaper.
  • The screen is then moved to the next registration peg, and in this fashion, the wallpaper is printed from one end of the print table to the other.
  • The wallpaper is allowed to cure, then the next color is printed onto the wallpaper in the same fashion.
  • The wallpaper is allowed to cure and dry fully before being inspected, rolled up, and labeled as a unique dye lot.

How Our Commercial Grade Wallpapers Are Made

We offer a variety of printing methods and materials for commercial applications