In general, we do not accept returns. All Thatcher Fabric is made to order in small batches, so some natural variation in appearance is normal (and beautiful!). However, in the rare case that any fabric is deemed defective or unfit for use, we will replace (never refund) any defective material. Please do not cut any fabric prior to examining. By cutting or otherwise using the product, the product is considered acceptable and is not eligible for claim.

Spot Flaws

Due to the nature of digitally printed fabrics, small print flaws such as the following may sometimes occur:

  • Ink splatter (droplets)
  • Banding (brief misfire of print heads resulting in a striping or discolored area)
  • Horizontal drag (streak of ink across the width of the fabric caused by contact with underside of print carriage)
  • Large omissions (absence of ink due to loose threads/yarns, wrinkles, or creasing in the fabric)

Note: Loose fibers are inherent in most ground cloths; Small omissions caused by these flecks are NOT considered spot flaws and will not be eligible for claim.

Allowance: A minimum allowance of 1/4 (.25) yards per Spot Flaw will be added to the end of the piece.

Running Flaws

Occasionally, print flaws that affect a larger area of material (either vertically or horizontally) may occur. These “running flaws” may include:

  • Print out of registration
  • Absence of one or more colors
  • Vertical drag

Allowance: Yardage equal to the length of a Running Flaw will be added to the end of the piece.

Note: Occasional omits and areas of banding are inherent to the ink-jet process and are more visible and prevalent when printing large areas of solid color. These are not considered flaws and no allowance will be made.

Unused fabric is not eligible for return. If you have any material leftover from your project, we strongly recommend that you keep this as “attic stock”. Attic stock is material which is stored away in case any of the material is damaged in the future.

Fabric Inspection

Examination of the fabric prior to cutting is the buyer/fabricator's responsibility. Ensure that all bolts are the correct color and pattern, are all part of the same dye lot, have no variation in color, have no print flaws, and that there is enough fabric to complete the job. If any errors in the aforementioned are found, we ask that you contact us right away, and we will promptly reply. It is imperative that any issues are addressed prior to cutting or otherwise using the fabric. Do not cut any of the fabric (even material deemed fit) in your order prior to speaking with us. By cutting the fabric, the buyer/fabricator has approved the material for use, and no claims for return may be made. Thatcher is not responsible for material that has been either cut or otherwise used, and is not liable for any labor or other expenses, even if the materials are incorrect, damaged, or otherwise unacceptable. Please note that Thatcher will exchange but not refund any material that is deemed unfit for use. Claims must be made within two weeks of receiving your shipment.

Sale of Goods

We sell all of our products with the belief that they are of suitable quality and will serve their intended purpose. You as the customer must take into account your particular situation and the conditions of the intended installation site. Any and all defects must be reported immediately when discovered, prior to cutting or otherwise using the material. Claims for fabric must be made in two weeks. Products will be replaced, not refunded. Our liability will not exceed the purchase price and/or invoiced value of the goods in question. We are not liable for indirect, consequential, special, financial, or other losses or exemplary damages, whether based in contract, tort, warranty, strict liability or otherwise.