We hope everyone is having a great summer! A big trend we're seeing right now is gender neutral nurseries and children's rooms which allow for more options and versatility as children age. The easiest way to way to achieve the look is by keeping colors neutral, then as your children grow they can add in their own objects, treasures and artwork to create a space that has been styled organically and shines with their personality. 


Luckily Juju Papers offers colorways that are perfectly suited to a neutral palette. Our suggestion is our subtle Diamonds and Pearls colorway, which is available in all our new Graffito collection patterns. Dazzlingly pale pearlescent shades of white and silver are brought to life as light moves across the surface and it has the added benefit of picking up accent colors from objects nearby. 



Just about every day we speak with clients and designers who are looking for neutral options. Reasons they cite for going in that direction include ...



1) Choosing not to find out the gender of their children until after they are born, but want to have the nursery ready to go;

2) Parents who don't subscribe to the traditional sexed color scheme;



3) Parents who want a color scheme that can grow with their children as they mature; 


4) Children who share a bedroom;


5) Parents planning to convert their nursery after the child is older. Choosing patterns that are not strictly for kids rooms is a great way to save on redecorating costs later!



Who would know better about all this than Juju Papers founder, Avery Thatcher? As a mother of two boys under five, she has decorated their room in an overall neutral scheme with pops of red, green, blue and grey. (That's a whole other blog post though as the boys need to clean their room before pictures can be shared!)



Feeling inspired? We thought so! 
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July 25, 2017 — Allison Burt-Tilden