Avery Thatcher, Portland, Oregon artist behind the outre chic wallcovering studio Juju Papers, will launch her latest collection at ICFF this May. The new group, called FLUX, is intended for both residential and commercial spaces, and takes its cue from women’s fluctuating and generative roles over personal lifetimes and throughout history. Four complementary patterns - some literal, others abstract - in a total of fourteen colorways, are rendered with arcs, curves and circles, to connote ebb and flow. Design professionals will have a first look during ICFF, booth 122. The collection will be available to consumers and the trade mid May.
Explains Thatcher, “The concept of womanhood has been an ongoing inspiration and study. Through the lens of mother, artist, and studio principal, and my experience vs. those of my mother and grandmothers, FLUX looks at the shifting experiences and expectations of feminism. All of the designs in FLUX have a current of flow and undulation, paired with a sturdy, structural balance.”
Thatcher’s idiosyncratic illustrative style is made glamorous through the use of opulent, shimmering metallic inks.
La Strada: A large-scale, textural collage of rounded and serpentine forms, made with sponge painting and screen-printing squeegees. Sponge paint, the kitschy ‘90s DIY treatment, is here flipped to become an ornate, polished finish. Four colorways: gold on cream, gold on charcoal, gunmetal on cream, diamonds and pearls on cream.
The artist notes that “the (living sea creature) sponge is constantly moving, flowing, while constantly growing. It's a textural gem.”
Women: Large-scale line drawings of female profiles, depicted with dignity and quiet determination. Four colorways: gold on cream, gold on charcoal, gunmetal on cream, gunmetal on blush.
Silhouettes: The large-scale collage of sponge paintings and marks made from gel is arranged in a loose scatter that can simultaneously read mid-century and punk. Three colorways: gold on charcoal, celeste [blue] on cream, champagne on cream.
Waving: A billowing stripe depicting rippling curtains or fabric; it also hints at the rising and falling surf. Three colorways: gold on cream, gold on charcoal, celeste [blue] on cream.
Interested in seeing some samples of FLUX? Questions about lead times or shipping? You can have a first look and order here!
May 02, 2019 — Lindsay Kretchun