We are often asked if our wallpaper can be installed in powder rooms and bathrooms. The answer is a resounding yes! Our wallpapers are durable, wipeable, and moisture resistant: perfect for any bathroom or powder room.
Powder rooms with Juju wallpapers provide the perfect element of surprise, boldness, and color for you and your guests. Plus, small rooms and walls require only a few rolls of wallpaper. It is the perfect opportunity to take a risk! 
Read on for a few examples of how wallpaper can transform a usually tight and utilitarian space into one of your favorite rooms in the house!
 Photos by Mikola Accuardi
Mikola's bathroom with Sisters of the Sun in gold on cream is just perfection. Do you notice how it extends onto the ceiling?? If you've never thought to wallpaper a ceiling, we are here to tell you the results are incredible!
Photo from Maison Trouvaille 
Designed by Maison Trouvaille, this dramatic and moody bathroom features Pascal in gold on charcoal, adding geometry with a soft gold finish, a perfect balance.
Photo by Nicole Franzen
We love the subtle, playful movement of Pavlova in diamonds and pearls on cream for this child's bathroom from Branca & Co in NYC, adding just the right amount of vintage charm and whimsy. 
Are you looking for a powder room that pops and fizzes? Want to get the most bang for your buck on the square footage of wallpaper? We have you covered! We can answer any questions or concerns you have about installing wallpaper in powder rooms - just send us an email at sales@jujupapers.com and we will get you started! 
April 15, 2020 — Lindsay Kretchun