We're so excited to introduce Coso, the newest collection of eco-friendly, handprinted Juju Papers. Named for the petroglyph rich Coso mountain range in California, Juju's four new patterns are metaphors for the human experience of time. Rendered in water-based metallic ink on matte paper, each two-tone design explores how we make sense of time. 

Clockwise from top left:
Pascal, Hoya, Ibo, and Palea.

Ibo and Hoya are painterly abstractions of stones while Palea is reminiscent of blades of grass in the wind; one remains unchanged for eons while the other changes with each moment. Rounding out this collection is Pascal whose math inspired grid design contemplates the theory of folded time with it's lines spreading infinitely across the visual plane.

Each pattern is available in four color ways: Gold on Cream, Diamonds and Pearls on Cream, Gold on Charcoal, and Rose Gold on Cream. As always, Juju Papers are made using sustainably harvested paper pulp free of chlorine and coated with natural clay for easy wipeability and mildew resistance.  


Fitting right in with the Juju Papers pattern family, the new Coso collection offers even more choices for creating a room that is truly special. From fleeting moments to geological epochs, the Coso collection is sure to provide the perfect pattern to remind you just how special times spent in your home are. Best of all, like all Juju Papers these sophisticated patterns will always stand the test of time. 


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May 04, 2016 — Allison Burt-Tilden