Leeway - Warm Mélange - Cement Square Tile

$ 200.00

Tile/Sample dimensions: 8” x 8” x ⅝”

Box of 12 Tiles: 5.22 square feet

One square foot = 2.3 tiles

Tile Weight: 3 lbs per tile

Lead times: 4-10 weeks 

Material: Handmade cement tile

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Wear Layer: ⅛”, total thickness ⅝”

Appropriate for residential and commercial applications

Handmade product - color, tone, thickness and edges may vary

Not pre-sealed or glazed

Rated for both indoor and outdoor installations

Not appropriate for areas subject to freezing temperatures

Manufactured in Mexico. FOB Laredo, Texas


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A study in poured colored cement, Leeway reflects Avery Thatcher’s fascination with transforming organic shapes into spontaneous motifs by idiosyncratic applications of hue. Unlike the traditional method of encaustic tile making, where cement is poured into a metal mold to create a uniform pattern, Leeway is made by free-form improvisation of pouring a set number of colors directly onto the cement tile base. Aptly dubbed “Leeway,” the patterned tiles are indicative of their namesake, described as “the amount of freedom to move or act that is available.”

Expanding upon Thatcher’s ability to reimagine traditional making methods, Leeway is predicated on an intuitive and experimental approach to color and pattern making. Two color groups — Warm Mélange and Cool Mélange — generate prismatic variations in each eight-inch square tile. Through its randomized placement of colors to form a motif, Leeway provokes a close inquiry into color and pattern.

Handmade product - look for quality but not perfection in color, tone, thickness and edges. 2-3% breakage during shipping and handling of materials is considered normal.

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